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Real Estate Matters

As a full-service, family-run law firm, the Gilmore Law Firm offers the service that everyone needs.  We specialize in handling family matters of all kinds all over southwest Alabama, from divorce to child custody to child support, or any other family law related matter.


Also, being located in the “Pine Belt” of Alabama, we specialize in real estate transactions.  We handle land and timber sales, deeds and leases.  We also have extensive experience litigating land disputes – from boundary line disputes to unlawful cutting of timber, to real estate transactions gone wrong.  We pride ourselves on getting the results you deserve when it comes to your property.


Finally, we handle all types of estate and other personal matters.  We draft wills and powers of attorney.  We handle trusts, conservatorships, and advance directives.  In the event of a will contest or estate dispute, we will vigorously represent you in court.