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Class Actions

Contrary to the propaganda of “big business,” class actions can be a cost-effective means of resolving disputes which affect a large number of people.  If a bank or insurance company overcharges you a small sum, it can be hard to find an attorney to handle your case.  If the practice was widespread, class actions provide a method for everyone to receive a remedy.


But, class actions are not just for banking and insurance disputes.  They are also filed in cases involving defective products, such as automobiles or home products, and in cases of racial discrimination, securities fraud, and environmental cases.


Lawyers at the Gilmore Law Firm have been lead or co-lead counsel in numerous class actions involving defective products and racial discrimination.  Gil Gilmore and Edwin Lamberth prosecuted numerous class actions against the nation’s largest automobile lenders for racial discrimination, and achieved significant reforms in the industry.  Gil Gilmore was even nominated for Trial Lawyer of the Year for his work in one of these cases.

If you believe you have a claim which might be a good candidate for a class action, or if you have questions about any existing class actions, please call us for a free consultation.